In First big RuLeaks dump, WikiLeaks loses monopoly

A photo of RuLeaks, a Russia-based site dedicated to unveiling corruption in the Russian government, made a splash in headlines  today when they leaked photos of Vladimir Putin’s estate, rumored to have cost $1 billion. The site, which oppened earlier this month according to Raw Story, is one of many sites that have sprung up since WikiLeaks began its legacy.

Putin personally took issue with WikiLeaks’ operations after a leaked cable compared him and Dmitry Medvedev to Batman and Robin, respectively. However, one Russian government official thought WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange deserved a Nobel Prize for pulling the pants off American diplomacy.

The tables have now turned, it seems. As WikiLeaks continues to release a slow trickle of its hundreds of thousands of U.S. State Department cables, RuLeaks has now embarrassed Russia, shedding light on the lavish spending of the country’s leaders.

With the leak comes the loss of WikiLeaks’ monopoly on anonymously leaked secrets. Although RuLeaks’ homepage features a picture of Assange, neither him nor his team is involved in running RuLeaks. As more secret spilling sites open, whistleblowers may be able to choose which outlet to go to.

Competition in the relatively young field of anonymous anti-secrecy organizations will inevitably lead to innovation and adaptation. WikiLeaks (and its competitors) will be forced to become more secure and will fight for audience in the world’s largest news organizations.

WikiLeaks also has dirt on Russia, according to an interview with Kristinn Hrafnsson, a WikiLeaks repreentative.


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