5 Great WikiLeaks News Sources

As much as I would like to be a one-stop shop for WikiLeaks news and views, there is far too much going on for one person to cover, so here is a list of some of the best blogs and sites covering WikiLeaks closely.

Media FixOn his blog, Greg Mitchell offers a day-by-day synopsis of WikiLeaks news and coverage, and has been doing so for 54 days and counting.

The Guardian | The U.S. Embassy Cables – The Guardian offers extensive coverage of both cablegate releases and WikiLeaks, also offering a key points page, which gives a day-by-day of the important aspects of WikiLeaks.

Raw Story – Raw Story is a web-only news site that specifically focuses on coverage of stories that are (in their eyes) ignored by the mainstream media. With an issue as vast as WikiLeaks, this site can be very helpful in finding stories that are overshadowed by other WikiLeaks developments.

Threat Level – Wired.com’s Threat Level blog covers “privacy, crime, and security online,” a beat that WikiLeaks falls into almost perfectly. They often feature good posts that offer new insight and commentary about WikiLeaks.

Times Topics – The New York Times offers some coverage of WikiLeaks, and though it is weaker than The Guardian’s, the coverage often features different aspects of the day’s leaks or events.


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