Live Tweeting

Buy-o-chromatic by Amanda Nelsen. Part of the "What is Contained" exhibit at Gallery 360

As a class assignment today, I live-tweeted a gallery opening at Northeastern’s Gallery 360 called “What is Contained,” which has a theme of books and literature.

While I’ve live-tweeted many events, they have almost always been speech-based. Either a panel conversation, a presentation, or a speech. In this case, while the root of the exhibit was very much in words – without words, there would be no books – the interesting aspect was in the visual aspect.

With every tweet, I included a picture. This helped me to not only show the art to my followers, but also to convey the meaning of the art; in one case, I tweeted a picture of the sign at the opening, explaining the exhibit.

This very visual presentation illustrated to me a very new side of live-tweeting. I have always live-tweeted events with a very distinct timeline, the news being that I was relaying information that would only be available once. In this case, though, I was relaying information (in this case, art) that would be available for a while (the exhibit will stay open for a few weeks), but was just newly available. My tweets, I hope, generated interest for the gallery and made people aware of it. This was a different but equally useful form of live-tweeting in comparison to what I’m used to.


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