Firuzeh Shokooh Valle on Digital Reporting

Reinventing the News alumna Firuzeh Shokooh Valle spoke to the class on Tuesday about the impact the class and the lessons she took from it changed her career. Valle, now spanish-language editor at the Cambridge-based project Global Voices, was stuck in the print mindset, she said. Dan Kennedy’s class, Reinventing the News (for which this blog is an ongoing assignment), changed that attitude.

Valle has now completely abandoned the print mindset, instead participating in a project that exploits the power of the internet to redefine the term “world news.” Global Voices is challenging the large newspaper mindset in which the media’s gatekeepers tell us what is happening overseas and bringing forward the “voices” of bloggers and citizen journalists all over the world.

At Global Voices, Valle first got involved covering her home, Puerto Rico. She followed the island’s “blogosphere” and kept track of goings-on that way. Aggregating information that was already available and giving it to english-speaking followers on a centralized site gives news consumers an alternative to the mainstream media.

To Valle, the online newsgathering skills acquired in Reinventing the News provided a new viewpoint in how computers can be used in news production. Weaving together a narrative from hundreds of foreign bloggers and journalists covering an event can give a perspective of it that would be otherwise impossible to have.


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