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Live Tweeting

Buy-o-chromatic by Amanda Nelsen. Part of the "What is Contained" exhibit at Gallery 360

As a class assignment today, I live-tweeted a gallery opening at Northeastern’s Gallery 360 called “What is Contained,” which has a theme of books and literature.

While I’ve live-tweeted many events, they have almost always been speech-based. Either a panel conversation, a presentation, or a speech. In this case, while the root of the exhibit was very much in words – without words, there would be no books – the interesting aspect was in the visual aspect.

With every tweet, I included a picture. This helped me to not only show the art to my followers, but also to convey the meaning of the art; in one case, I tweeted a picture of the sign at the opening, explaining the exhibit.

This very visual presentation illustrated to me a very new side of live-tweeting. I have always live-tweeted events with a very distinct timeline, the news being that I was relaying information that would only be available once. In this case, though, I was relaying information (in this case, art) that would be available for a while (the exhibit will stay open for a few weeks), but was just newly available. My tweets, I hope, generated interest for the gallery and made people aware of it. This was a different but equally useful form of live-tweeting in comparison to what I’m used to.


10 WikiLeaks Twitter Follows

WikiLeaks news and information is coming out faster than anyone can read it all. The important thing with subjects like this is applying the right filter to what you read.

I’ve put together a list of 10 twitter accounts that give a pretty good cross-section of what is going on with WikiLeaks. Don’t follow this list and expect a fair and balanced view of the issue; almost all of these accounts favor WikiLeaks (I am welcome to suggestions of people to follow from the other side), but they all provide great content, links, and context for what is going on.

In no particular order:

1. ZunguZungu – Aaron Bady’s twitter account. Bady is a blogger who came onto the scene early with his stellar analysis of the issues behind WikiLeaks and the ideals that formed it. While he doesn’t tweet exclusively about WikiLeaks, what he does post is sure to be important and/or thought-provoking.

2. ArmycmDefense – David E. Coombs’ twitter account. Coombs is suspected WikiLeaks whistleblower Bradley Manning’s attorney. While he obviously isn’t going to provide anything in the way of damning evidence against Manning, the account does a great job of giving updates on the nuances of the defense’s case.

3. JamesRbuk – James Ball’s account. A former WikiLeaks volunteer and now a data journalist at The Guardian, Ball tweets about a wide range of material, but has good insight into WikiLeaks and follows the story closely.

4. GGreenwald – Glenn Greenwald’s account. Glenn Greenwald has been a huge part of WikiLeaks coverage and is one of the leading voices in support of the organization. He is an opinion writer for salon.com. His tweets provide a commentary that articulates the feelings of WikiLeaks supporters very well.

5. Anony_Ops – The “operations” wing of Anonymous, a loosely organized group of “hacktivists” who have voiced strong support for WikiLeaks, making headlines with their attacks on companies that halted service to WikiLeaks. The operations twitter account posts everything from breaking news to instructions to members of Anonymous.

6. DanielEllsberg – Daniel Ellsberg’s account. Ellsberg became famous for leaking The Pentagon Papers to newspapers in 1971. Since, he has been an icon for whistleblowers. Ellsberg has been extremely vocal in condemning the conditions of Bradley Manning’s imprisonment. His twitter feed offers good insight into that aspect of WikiLeaks, as well as the issue overall.

7. GregMitch – Greg Mitchell’s account. Mitchell is a blogger for The Nation who has been covering WikiLeaks extensively for the last 100+ days in a row (and counting). While his tweets often seem to be patting himself on the back, he does have an impressive depth of knowledge on the issue and actively engages readers over twitter.

8. CryptomeOrg – John Young’s account. Young is the co-founder of cryptome.org, a site that publishes essays and academic papers in the field of spying, surveillance, cryptology, and freedom of speech and information. This puts WikiLeaks smack in the middle of the site’s expertise. While the twitter feed is not well-maintained (unfortunately), I put it on this list because if Young comes to his senses about social media, it will be a goldmine of information.

9. BirgittaJ – Birgitta Jónsdóttir’s account. Jónsdóttir is one of the “Twitter 3,” as Greg Mitchell calls them: three people whose accounts were subpoenaed by the U.S. government in the ongoing investigation of WikiLeaks. Jónsdóttir is a vocal WikiLeaks supporter and a member of the parliament in Iceland. She was a character in The New Yorker’s feature on Assange last year.

10. WikiLeaks – Last but not least, the official WikiLeaks twitter feed. A spout of pro-WikiLeaks sass and opinion, the feed also links to some of the most high-quality posts and articles on WikiLeaks. It was partially because of this twitter feed that Aaron Bady’s blog received so much coverage; WikiLeaks tweeted one of his posts.