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How To: Create A Hyperlocal Leaks Site

I wrote a how-to for the Wired wiki on creating a hyperlocal leak site such as JumboLeaks.

WikiLeaks has changed the way whistle-blowers, document leak sites, and media organizations operate. In its wake, other similar sites where users can anonymously submit documents are cropping up, many with a hyperlocal or topic-specific focus. Last week, The Wall Street Journal announced Safehouse; Al Jazeera has the Transparency Unit; Russia has Ruleaks; Tufts University even has JumboLeaks.

Leak sites, it seems, are here to stay. Here’s how to get one started.

Click here to read the rest at howto.wired.com


Video: Shooters Walk Free; Whistleblower Jailed

With the increasing focus on the conditions of Bradley Manning’s confinement, it’s important to remember why he is imprisoned in the first place. A german site, daserste.de has posted a video (in english) about the leaking of “Collateral Murder,” which was a video release by WikiLeaks about a year ago. The video, “Shooters walk free, whistleblower jailed” discusses the morality of the actions that were exposed and the act of exposing those actions. Manning is the alleged leaker of this video, and there are a wide range of opinions about Manning’s personal character.

Manning’s Father: Bradley “was aimless,” “didn’t want to join the army”

Brian Manning, father of accused WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning, has ended the family’s silence to speak out against the conditions in which his son is being imprisoned, speaking on Frontline today.

After condemning these conditions, Brian Manning goes on to say that his son’s life was “aimless,” prompting him to “twist [Bradley’s] arm” to join the military.

Very interesting, and I look forward to seeing Frontline’s coverage of WikiLeaks and Manning later in the spring.